About Forest Gate WI

The Committee for 2017/2018

Karen Kershaw (President)

Adzovi Nyanyo (Vice President)

Kathy Lancaster  (Vice President)

Hellen Stack  (Secretary)

Stella Wybron (Treasurer)

Fiona Flaherty

Jennifer Barrow

Laura Glendinning

Sally King

Wendy Levis (  Membership  officer)

“I never realised there were so many women in Forest Gate”

The Forest Gate Women’s Institute was set up in late 2011.  We have had over 100 members and have a large number of vistors who have attended our meetings since 2011. Membership of the WI reflects the diversity of women in the local community and we pride ourself on our warm welcome to all women .

Monthly meetings are currently held at Durning Hall on Earlham Grove E7, usually the first Tuesday of each month from 7.15 – 9. 30pm

Membership  information (correct at January 2017)

Forest Gate WI members free.

First time visitors are welcome to a first meeting for free,

Visitors  £5 .

If you like us, come and join ..

Current subscription  for 2017  is £39.00  per year, or dual membership, ( where you can be a member of a second WI)

The  current yearly subscription  for dual membership is £19. which runs from January 2017 to December 2017 .

For this you can:

  • Attend 11 meetings
  • Receive a copy of WI Life 8 times a year-  Join the current clubs, with possibility of outings (specifically for WI members)
  • Meet like minded, friendly women from all walks of life.
  • Receive Discounts from local businesses and much more
  • Vote at local,and national level make a difference
  • Monthly newsletters and emails – keeping you up to date on local events, and news from Essex federation and NFWI
  • Learn new skills
  • Be able to access courses at the WI training centre at Denman College in Oxfordshire . http://www.denman.org.uk

Sliding scale fees operate  through the remainder of the year as follows(  This only applies women who have never joined a WI before, and former members who have not previously been a member in the last 10 years.)

  • Joining in January – end March for £39.00
  • April – end June for £29.95
  • July – end September for £19.50
  • October – end December for £9.75

Find us on FaceBook and  Twitter

Contact us:

If you want to find out more  contact us at  forestgatewi@gmail.com


6 thoughts on “About Forest Gate WI

  1. Hi Laura,

    My mum and I are very interested in joining the FGWI and noticed that there’s an AGM tomorrow evening, would it be okay for us to come along or do we have to be members?

    I look forward to hearing back.


    07502 221689

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Hello Maudlyn- if you email forestgatewi@gmail.com we can let you know more about Forest Gate WI. If you are around on September 1st, we are holding a centenary party to celebrate 100 years of the WI. We are also on Facebook and Twitter, but your best bet would be to email in. We can give you more details on what we do where we meet etc. Adzovi

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