June Meeting – Pamper Evening

The June meeting saw the arrival of the Pamper Evening.
On arrival members were given a ticket which they could use to sign up for hand massage, manicure or Henna. Sarah was on hand with timed slots and things moved along very smoothly.
What to do while waiting? Ah well, lots of choices on hand. There were cocktails – with and without alcohol, nibbles to go with them and an array of crafts with a few catching up on their name badge.
I enjoyed the extended opportunity to chat to people that I don’t normally see apart from at meetings. Looking round the room others enjoyed that too.








May meeting – Women’s health and cancer

Our May meeting was both interesting and informative.
Various speakers came a talked about women’s health and cancer, and one of our members relayed her own experience as a cancer survivor.
Lots of discussion around tables and beyond the meeting with members being spurred on to pick up tests and follow through on check ups.
Lots of thanks to Helen Page for organising and arranging for the health care specialists to come and speak about a sensitive subject




June Meeting-Pamper and Cocktails ( 3rd June)


This month’s meeting is the annual pamper night. On offer will be mini manicures, hand massage, Indian Head massage and henna tattoos . You will receive a voucher to choose one treatment, if there’s time you could opt for another treatment, ( there may be a charge for this).
We’ll also have cocktails and mocktails ( non alcoholic) on offer, (tea and coffee and various refreshments) plus a chance to have a taster at various crafts( including making a name badge).
Judging from the success of last year’s session, let’s hope this one will be equally as successful.


AGM 1st April

The AGM was held at Durning Hall, where we voted for the committee for 2014/15 and a new president, as Laura, was standing down .
Trish (the Essex Federation WI Advisor ) was present to ensure the correct procedures were carried out with nominations and voting for both the committee and president. Joyce and Maya from Wanstead WI were also present, in the capacity of tellers. Laura, Alicia and Stella addressed the members with the Finance and Annual reports.

We now have a new president: Adzovi  Nyanyo.

We also have two new committee members: Emma Tate and Vicky Grainger who will be joining Helen Page, Clare Merrell, Sally King, Sarah Ruiz, Kina Legg, Barbara Lumsden and Stella Wybron on the 2014/15 committee. (Roles will be determined at the next committee meeting to be held in a couple of weeks time).

Stella and Sally will continue as Treasurer and Secretary, (without a President, Secretary and Treasurer a WI isn’t allowed to function.)

The evening continued with an informative talk from Loraine Leeson, who is from the Save the Spotted Dog Campaign.
Loraine spoke about the history of the Spotted Dog, and where the campaign is at. Loraine’s talk was followed by a brief Q and A session, and a lively social.

April Meeting 1st April

For our March meeting we celebrated International Women’s Day and Fairtrade Fortnight at Stratford Picture House. We were joined by various fair trade groups including Traidcraft, http://www.traidcraft.co.uk Oxfam Wanstead, http://www.oxfam.org.uk Fairtrade Teas, Kamoun( selling some beautiful Thai craft) Freeset, see more details about this organisation, on their website http://www.freesetglobal.com, We also had wine tasting with Mariarita Liberata who showcased Fairtrade wines from the Co-op, and Amy from the Cooperative Membership SE. The event ended with Barbara Crowther from Fairtraide Foundation, who gave an inspiring talk, about the history of the Fairtrade organisation, and the wonderful work they do. image image image imageimage image image


International Women’s Day 8th March.

We were invited by West Ham Ward Labour group to celebrate IWD. We met some lovely amazing women, and had a great afternoon. image image imageimage

April Meeting 1st April We’ll be holding our AGM, where members can vote for a new president, and committee, see the annual report, and find out about all the activities, speakers, we’ve had over the last twelve months . It will also be a chance for members to vote on any proposed resolutions. After the AGM, there will be an opportunity to do some cake decorating. Forest Gate Learning Zone will be coming to do a demonstration ( with a chance for members to ‘have a go’.) Some of the committee members are standing down. Alicia Francis, who was one of the founders of Forest Gate WI is standing down as secretary. Alicia has done a fantastic job over the last three years, keeping the committee on their toes, and producing the fantastic and informative newsletter. Alicia will still be involved with some aspects of the WI, (working with the Campaigns group). Laura Glendinning is standing down as president. Again Laura was one of the founding members of Forest Gate WI, and has been a fantastic president, (carrying her postcards around Newham, talking to women, and encouraging them to join Forest Gate WI.) It was through Laura and Alicia that Woodgrange Market was created. Melanie Warner who was publicity officer is also standing down. Melanie set up the blog, created our great logo, and has taken plenty of photos at meetings. So on behalf of all members, we would like to thank Alicia , Laura, and Melanie, for doing a great job over the last three years.